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After World War II, Dominic, His wife Juanita, and their son Marion moved to Alexandria Louisiana.  Dominic and Juanita opened the Pelican Drive-In.  It was here in Alexandria, Louisiana that Dominic began to design and make a machine for hand cranking and cutting the potatoes in a twist.


While in high school at Catholic High in 1943, Marion drew the building layout for Alessi’s Drive-In during Math Class.

Later that year in 1943 Dominic built and opened Alessi’s Drive In on Florida Avenue, Baron Rouge Louisiana.  This was at the corner of Florida Avenue and Jaybird Lane.  Today the intersection is the corner of Florida Blvd, and Foster Drive.  Jaybird Lane was later renamed Foster Drive.

Soon the Kurly-Q became so popular that Alessi’s Drive in sold 1,600 pounds of potatoes a day.

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